During the elections in andhra pradesh, there were also clashes in many areas. SIT officials are investigating in areas like Tirupati, Palnadu and Tadipatri. It also seems that there is an opportunity for the SIT team to go to the areas where the riots took place and give reports on the investigation of the cases. As the andhra pradesh counting time approaches, the officials are checking regularly.

Police have already identified 168 union territories across the state. Those involved in the post-poll riots are being investigated with special focus by the seat officials. The investigation into the incident of riots in Tadipatri of Anantapur district is continuing. It seems that the details of this case are being examined on the basis of aspects like the identity of the accused. The SIT team is to report only after a thorough investigation into the causes of the clashes. Arrests are also being made in connection with the Tadipatri riots.

YSR congress party Ketireddy Peddareddy and tdp candidate JC Asmit reddy were also indicted by the High Court. It also issued others not to arrest anyone till june 6. The court issued notices to Asmit reddy and Kethi reddy not to enter the constituency. The SIT officials are planning to remain in the district until the counting is completed in Tadipatri. The police have already identified 639 rioters as having participated in the stone pelting. It seems that 102 people have been arrested and sent to remand. In other states which are the main actors in the riots, the police have already identified 639 rioters as having participated in stone pelting. Officials issued orders that no one should come out in Tadipatri on the day of counting.

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