Many stalwarts of rajasthan bjp and congress stood firm…

Voting is going to be held in the national capital delhi on 25th May i.e. in the sixth phase of lok sabha elections. Keeping this in mind, bjp and congress have given their full strength here. Voting is going to be held on seven lok sabha seats in delhi on Saturday. Many senior leaders of rajasthan bjp and congress have been standing firm for almost a month. From BJP's side, chief minister Bhajanlal Sharma, deputy cm Dr. Premchand Bairwan, deputy cm diya Kumari, Mayor Dr. Soumya gurjar and State minister Ajit Mandan are in command in Delhi. At the same time, from the congress side, former deputy cm Sachin Pilot, Shakuntala Rawat, mamta Bhupesh, mukesh Bhakar and Ramnivas Gavadiya have held the command there. These leaders have been stuck there since the beginning of May.

These congress leaders showed strength

These leaders of rajasthan congress have been in delhi since May. Sachin Pilot, Bhajanlal Jatav, Ramlal Jat, Shakuntala Rawat, Rafiq Khan, ganga Sahay Sharma Vidyadhar Choudhary, Shikha Mil Barala, mukesh Bhakar Ramnivas Gavadiya, Amin Kagzi, mamta Bhupesh, Manoj Meghwal, Rajkumar Sharma, Lalit Yadav, C L premi there. All these leaders have been put on duty in different Lok Sabhas. Most of them are MLAs and former ministers, who are actively engaged in campaigning.

These veterans of rajasthan bjp stood there

Rajasthan chief minister Bhajanlal Sharma, deputy cm diya Kumari, deputy cm Premchand Bairwan, jaipur Greater Mayor Dr Soumya gurjar and State minister Ajit Mandan are continuously holding meetings there. These leaders have done duty in different assembly constituencies of the lok sabha there. cm Bhajanlal Sharma has done many road shows. diya Kumari and Premchand Bairwa also held many public meetings and road shows. Mayor Dr. Soumya gurjar has conducted many street plays along with public meetings there. Ajit Mandan has also held more than 15 street meetings. All of them are now returning from there.

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