Former cm ashok gehlot said on prashant Kishor's 'prediction'...

Former chief minister of rajasthan and senior congress leader ashok gehlot has made a big attack on the prediction of political strategist prashant Kishore. Former cm Gehlot sarcastically said, "There is a period of frustration in bjp after seeing the attitude of the public in the elections. Work is being done to create confusion among the people in favor of BJP." congress leader ashok gehlot wrote on the social media platform, "BJP is now completely dejected after seeing the public's attitude in the elections. bjp has instructed all its leaders, supporters and sympathizers to use only one language.

Ashok Gehlot's attack on prashant Kishore

The former chief minister of rajasthan further said, "In which the leaders claim to win with full majority and a situation of confusion can be created in favor of bjp among the public." That is why now there is a flood of predictions by all the political analysts, economists and journalists including prashant Kishor. Recently, election strategist prashant kishor has predicted the performance of bjp in the lok sabha elections 2024.

What is prashant Kishor's prediction?

Election strategist prashant kishor has predicted during an interview that bjp will perform better in this election than 2019 and will win more than 303 seats. He has also said that there is no anti-incumbency wave against prime minister Narendra Modi. There does not seem to be any resentment among the people against PM Modi. bjp will remain in power. He said that BJP's number of seats will either remain the same as last time or it may be slightly better. It is noteworthy that in the last lok sabha elections i.e. 2019, bjp had won 303 seats. NDA's figure had crossed 350. This time bjp leaders are seen continuously mentioning the slogan of crossing 400. However, from leaders of all parties to common people, they are waiting for the results to be declared on june 4.

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