Sita Soren's big claim, 'Shibu Soren is only me...'

BJP candidate Sita Soren said that she has got the support of her father-in-law and JMM founder Shibu Soren and in the family meeting he has made it clear that we have to make our daughter-in-law win. Sita Soran has recently left JMM and joined bjp and she is contesting from Dumka seat. From here JMM has given ticket to Nalin Soren. Voting on Dumka seat is to be held on june 1. While talking to news 18 Bihar, Sita Soren said that 'I have received Guruji's blessings. When it came to light in the family meeting that I am standing on bjp ticket from Dumka and Nalin has been fielded from JMM, he made it clear that he will make the daughter-in-law of the house win. However, Sita Soren's sister-in-law and former cm Hemant. Soren's wife Kalpana Soren has said that she will campaign for her party in Dumka.

If Kalpana is in opposition then it is not wrong to campaign - Sita

On Kalpana Soren's campaign, Sita said, "She is the opposition so she will definitely campaign." There is no problem in this, he is in his place, I am in my place. One should also campaign for one's party.'' Sita Soren said that the people of the area are happy with her candidature and bjp leaders are cooperating a lot.

Sidelined after her husband's departure - Sita

Sita Soren also responded to the allegations against her while leaving JMM. Sita said, “My husband Durga Soren was at the forefront of JMM's struggle under the leadership of Guruji. They went to delhi demanding a separate state and a separate state was also formed. He strengthened the organization of JMM and I followed him.   At that time hemant Soren was nothing in the party. JMM became stronger because of Durga Soren. hemant Soren got the benefit of this. But after my husband left, I was always kept isolated.

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