In the backdrop of the conclusion of the parliament elections in the state of telangana, everyone is waiting for the results. In this context, the congress party is engaged in the task of appointing a new President. So far, telangana chief minister revanth reddy is handling PCC. And in the context of his status as chief minister, the congress leadership thinks that the post of PCC president should be handed over to someone else. In another week or ten days or else after the results of the parliamentary elections, new PCC presidents are going to come.

However, it is reported that many congress elders, young leaders, those who lost in the assembly elections, and those who did not get tickets have already applied for this post. telangana leaders are going to delhi and giving their requests to top leaders of Congress. But in this context, a big sensation has come to the fore in the telangana congress Party. It is reported that a new demand to appoint iron Lady and telangana minister Seethakka as President of telangana PCC has surfaced.

It seems that telangana chief minister revanth reddy has sent Seethakka's name to the headship as well. It is reported that Seethakka will become the president of PCC. But senior leaders like deputy chief minister Batti, Madhu Yashki, komati reddy Venkata reddy, Jaggareddy, and Addaki Dayakar are already competing for this post. Analysts say that if Seethakka is given the post, the congress party will be blown away.

The congress has given the post of chief minister to revanth reddy who came from the telugu Desam Party. Also, if the president's post is taken away and given to Seethakka from TDP, they say that there should be only one leader in the Congress. Already, the BRS party is accusing the congress party has completely turned into the telugu Desam Party. Now if she is given that post, the BRS will play a game with Congress. And we have to see what kind of decision congress will take in the wake of these developments.

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