Political battle broke out over pune car accident…

After the porsche car accident in pune, now the opposition has started cornering the Shinde government and bjp of Maharashtra. Today many big leaders of the opposition group are gathering outside the police Commissioner's office and protesting. NCP-SCP party (Sharad faction) workers have protested outside the Collectorate regarding the pune car accident case. congress candidate from pune Lok Sabha constituency ravindra Dhangekar has also protested in front of the police Commissioner's office.

What did the congress candidates say?

Ravindra Dhangekar said, "The police officer is a defaulter in this case and a case should be registered against him. Those who died should get justice. The police commissioner knows everything. He should resign. I am here so that he knows." Let the people of pune be on the streets."

What did Nana Patole say?

Maharashtra congress President Nana Patole said, "The government in maharashtra itself is unconstitutional. We have been saying this since the formation of the government. bjp is continuously trying to destroy Maharashtra. The government is behaving as if people's lives have no value." Nana Patole further said, "The administration works on what the government says. Many people lost their lives in the boiler blast that happened yesterday. The uddhav thackeray government had decided to shut them down. Ever since this government came to power. , They kept those factories running... because they were taking money from those businessmen because of this many people lost their lives."

Pune NCP-SCP president prashant Sudamrao Jagtap of Sharad faction said, “Pune is trending today for all the bad reasons, there was political pressure on the police after the accident. devendra fadnavis and bjp have ruined Pune. He has supported the culture of massage parlors, discos and pubs in Pune. That's why there is 'mafia rule' in the city. police works under the state government. I feel that the police should not work under pressure as has been happening till now." Jagtap further said, "If anyone wants to create political pressure then the police should make the names public... mere financial compensation will not suffice. I feel that strict action should be taken against those who are guilty."

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