Will ravindra Singh go with bjp after elections? 

Preparations for counting of votes for the elections held on 25 lok sabha seats in rajasthan are almost in the final stages. The results are to come on june 4. Meanwhile, independent candidate from Barmer-Jaisalmer seat of the state, ravindra Singh Bhati, has expressed his opinion on many issues in a special conversation with ABP News. He has claimed that he has full faith in the people of Barmer-Jaisalmer. The public has blessed us. Historic results will come on the 4th. ravindra Bhati, independent candidate from Barmer-Jaisalmer lok sabha seat, said, "PM Modi is working hard. Agree with him on many issues. cm arvind kejriwal works hard. The world always remembers those who struggle. He has been to jail and has returned, I wish him all the best.

Fighting for the people is our ideology - ravindra Bhati

Ravindra Bhati further said, "I never thought that at the age of 25, I would get a chance to become a member of the biggest panchayat of Rajasthan. Everything is about future pride. I contested the election as an independent candidate. The public said to contest the elections. On meeting the cm, he said that he is the head of the state, we are MLAs. Our communication continues. Our ideology is to fight for the people.

Will ravindra Bhati go with bjp in future?

 He said that I have been associated with bjp and Vidyarthi Parishad. On the question of going with bjp in future, he said that at present there is nothing like that. We will follow whatever orders are given by the public. Will go among his people and ask what should be done. Will do whatever he says. I am not independent, I am all-party.

People responded to the shock of votes – ravindra Bhati

Ravindra Bhati, independent candidate from Barmer-Jaisalmer seat, further said, "Even in the assembly elections, they used to say that there is a rush of rent, this time also they are saying the same." This crowd will take us to the biggest panchayat (Parliament) of the country. Wait a little, the fruits of patience are sweet. people have responded through the shock of votes.'' On the issue of funding, ravindra Singh Bhati said that the world comes together automatically. people are contesting elections. people have come with us with body, mind and wealth.

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