'Congress insults kangana, but...', PM said in Mandi…

Prime minister Narendra Modi was on a tour of himachal pradesh today. prime minister Narendra Modi addressed public meetings in Nahan in the morning and Mandi in the afternoon. In Mandi, prime minister Narendra Modi urged bjp candidate kangana ranaut to get a bumper victory. The prime minister said that sister kangana has to be made victorious and sent to Parliament, because in the coming times, she will become the voice of the people and will spend her entire life for the development of Mandi. He said that the public has to create a bumper record of kangana Ranaut's victory.

Big claim on Sukhu government

Prime minister Narendra Modi along with BJP's support in the lok sabha elections, also urged the public to cooperate in the by-elections to be held in six assembly constituencies. He said that public support is necessary to free the state from the clutches of Congress. He sought public support for the victory of bjp candidate from Lahaul Spiti, ravi Thakur along with other five bjp candidates. He said that the power of public vote is very big. This power can bring big changes.

Ram temple built with the power of public vote- PM Modi

Prime minister Narendra Modi said that before he stayed in himachal pradesh for a long time, he used to organize rallies here for other leaders. Holding a rally in Mandi is no less than climbing a mountain. He said that only one echo is being heard from every corner – Modi government once again. He said that the historic resolution was passed in the working committee meeting of bharatiya janata party from Palampur in himachal pradesh, in which it was talked about the construction of ram temple. He said that today ram temple has been completed in the country. This is not the power of bjp or prime minister Narendra Modi, but this is the power of the people. He said that this historic resolution and 500 years of struggle has ended only because of the power of people's vote.

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