Digvijay met Jyotiraditya, expressed grief over mother's demise…

Madhaviraje Scindia, wife of senior congress leader late Madhavrao Scindia and mother of Union minister jyotiraditya scindia, died at AIIMS Hospital on May 15. Since his death, there has been a steady stream of people coming to pay homage at Jaivilas Palace in Gwalior.   In this sequence, today Digvijay Singh of Raghogarh royal family reached Jaivilas Palace in gwalior and paid tribute to Rajmata Scindia. Actually, jyotiraditya scindia of the Gwalior-based Scindia royal family is known as Maharaj. Whereas Digvijay Singh of Radyogarh royal family is known as Raja. Today, former madhya pradesh cm Digvijay Singh (Raja) reached Jaivilas, the residence of jyotiraditya scindia (Maharaja) in gwalior and paid tribute to Rajmata Scindia.

Four day condolence meeting

After the demise of Rajmata Madhviraje Scindia, a condolence meeting is being organized at Jaivilas Palace from May 23 to May 26. In this condolence meeting, many celebrities from india and abroad are reaching Jaivilas Palace in gwalior to pay tribute to Rajmata Madhviraje Scindia. On this occasion, Union minister jyotiraditya scindia and his son Mahanaryaman Scindia are also present at Jaivilas Palace. This condolence meeting is being organized at Ranimahal of Jaivilas Palace from 11 am to 1 pm and from 3 pm to 5 pm.

Died on 15th May

It is known that Union minister Jyotiraditya Scindia's mother Madhviraje Scindia died on May 15 in AIIMS Hospital, Delhi. He breathed his last at 9.28 am at All india Institute of Medical Sciences AIIMS. His last rites were performed in gwalior as per the traditions of the Scindia royal family. Union minister jyotiraditya scindia had given him the keynote address.

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