Life stopped due to the death of the priest of Mahakaleshwar temple…

The priest of Siddha Jyotirlinga Mahakaleshwar temple died while walking. The priest died within a few seconds. Describing this as a silent attack, doctors have said that people above 30 years of age should go to a government hospital every month to get their blood pressure and sugar checked, only then can death from serious diseases like heart attack be prevented. ashok Sharma, the priest of Mahakaleshwar temple and president of the priest's association, was going from home to the temple when his health suddenly deteriorated near Mahakaleshwar police station. While walking, he went and sat on an ottoman. After this, Otlo fell down within a few seconds. The people present at the spot picked him up and made him sit and then took him to the hospital for treatment. Where he was declared dead. According to Dr. Raunak Elchi, there is more possibility of silent attack in such cases. Although the cases of attacks mostly occur in winter, but the occurrence of attacks cannot be ruled out even in the summer season.

Cases of attack arise due to sugar and blood pressure problems.

He also said that people need to remain alert in the present times. All such people whose age is more than 30 years should continuously go to the government hospital every month and get their blood pressure and sugar checked for free. According to medicine, cases of heart attack occur due to the problem of sugar and blood pressure.

CCTV footage surfaced

CCTV footage of Mahakaleshwar temple priest ashok Sharma has also surfaced, in which he is going towards the temple on foot. At the time of Mahakaleshwar temple, suddenly he realizes something and sits down on the roadside.   After this, as soon as they fall down, the people present nearby pick them up and send them to the hospital. In this CCTV footage, priest ashok Sharma does not appear ill at all.

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