In up, the government has issued an order to provide the details of marriage certificate before making it.

In up now you have to give the details of dowry's Shwama Banwate Shwmet. This new rule has been implemented by the government. A Notice has also been posted outside the office Regarding this.In up, the government has issued an order to provide the details of marriage certificate before making it.

If you are a Resident of Uttar Pradesh and you or someone you know is currently married. This news is very important for you. In Fact, In Uttar Pradesh, The Details of the Bride and Bridegroom will have to be given at the time of making the marriage certificate. The government has issued an order to the registration department implementing this rule. Till now bride and groom had to attach documents like wedding card, Tenth mark sheet, aadhaar card along with along with two witnesses while making marriage marriage certificate in the state.

Officer deepak srivastava said

But now you will have to submit the marriage certificate along with all these documents while making the marriage certificate. A Notice Containing all the relevant information has been passed outsted the office. This Affidavit will detail the Dowry Given for the marriage. According to Officer deepak Srivastava, The government has made an affordidavit mandatory for getting married and everyone has been directed to submit a certificate of certification of Dowry A along the Dowry Aleong with the DOCUMENT.

How to make marriage certificate

You can use both online and offline methods to make a marriage certificate in up. To make marriage certificate online, you have to go to the state of the state and apply. You can go to the office and submit the application to make the certificate offline.

How much is the fee for making a marriage certificate?

Let us tell you that use of marriage certificate, opening a joint account after marriage, making a passport, making a travel visit, obtaining insures, changing the surname, taking a loan from Ivorce, Complaining of Cheating after marriage etc. Haappens the fee for registration with 30 days from the date of marriage is approximately 10 rupees. After that, you will have to deposit 100 rupees as a fee on applying.

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