In the wake of the andhra pradesh State assembly as well as parliament elections, all eyes are now on the results. The polling is over and the ballot boxes are under the control of the security personnel. High officials are guarding the ballot box with weapons. There is also a lot of betting on which party will win in andhra pradesh state. In this background, everyone is discussing what is the condition of power star Pawan Kalyan, the leader of Janasena.

Everyone is talking whether pawan kalyan will win in pithapuram constituency this time. Before which party will come to power in ap, betting on the victory of pawan kalyan is also going on. pawan kalyan lost badly in two places in 2019 elections. power star pawan kalyan lost to YSP in bhimavaram and gajuwaka constituencies. That is why they chose pithapuram constituency to win this time anyway.

Kapu votes are huge in pithapuram constituency. Those votes will determine the victory of pithapuram constituency. With this pawan kalyan stood in pithapuram ring. And according to the latest surveys, it seems that pawan kalyan will win in Pithapuram. But at such a moment, bharatiya janata party has given a huge offer to janasena leader power star Pawan Kalyan. If the alliance comes to power in andhra pradesh state, they say that pawan kalyan will be guaranteed the post of Deputy Chief Minister.

BJP has also already given clarity on this decision. But if the alliance does not come to power in the state of Andhra Pradesh... pawan kalyan has another offer..! Anyway, bjp government is sure to come in India. narendra modi has decided to assign a key post to Pawan Kalyan. There are also reports in the national media that pawan kalyan has a chance to be given the responsibilities as Union Assistant Minister. With this, there is a discussion about whether the telugu Desam alliance loses... or wins... pawan kalyan is guaranteed a post.

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