When and if the election schedule is released, since then the political leaders as well as the pollsters are alerted. They also returned to Ururu with many personnel which party does not influence that area. Which social class is stronger there? Which candidates have the parties fielded? That's how crazy the people who put up that party are. survey organizations are conducting surveys on many subjects and releasing reports.

Among the reports that are released, the reports of those whose reports are successful are mostly followed by the people. Many elections have already been held in Andhra state. As part of that, many people have also given survey reports on the elections. The most successful survey among them is the Aura Mastan survey. He has conducted many surveys related to Andhra elections in the past and most of them were successful.

With that, many people were waiting to see what kind of survey report Ara Mastan is going to give in the 2023 elections. Otherwise, he said a word on one occasion. According to that, it can be said that the alliance is a success. On the May 13 elections, when he was interviewed live on a popular channel, the voting was not completed by then.

No one knows the percentage of voting. At such a time, if there is a higher percentage of voting this time than the last time he was in the election, it will be favorable for the alliance. This time, as the voting percentage is higher than last time, according to his survey, many people think that the alliance is likely to come to power.

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