Chhattisgarh blast: One dead, six injured in blast at explosives factory in Bemetara

The explosion occurred in the unit located near Pirda village in Berla development block, a district administration official said.

One person was killed and six people sustained injuries after a blast occurred at an explosive factory in Chhattisgarh's Bemetara on saturday morning. fire and rescue teams have arrived at the spot. The injured were transported to hospitals in Raipur, with some individuals requiring specialized care at Mekahara and AIIMS facilities. The exact cause of the blast remains under investigation.

Bemetara collector Ranbir Sharma said, "A blast occurred at an explosive factory here. Six people are injured and they are sent for treatment. The fire brigade, medical team and people from the administration and police are there. The reporting (about casualties) is unconfirmed as of now. The reason for the blast is a matter of investigation."

"There has been a blast in an explosive factory in Bemetara. Investigation is underway. The Superintendent of police is on the spot. More details will be revealed soon", chhattisgarh Deputy cm Vijay Sharma said. chhattisgarh Deputy cm Arun Sao provided additional details, highlighting the severity of the incident. "A major explosion has been reported at a gunpowder factory in Borsi, Bemetara. I am in contact with the administration. The entire team, including the SP and collector, is present at the site of the incident. It is confirmed that a significant explosion Has occurred, and there is a possibility of further explosions. Rescue and relief operations have commenced. The administration's full team is dedicated to rescue and relief. Efforts, prioritizing quick relief for the people. Official information is still forthcoming, with some being sent to AIIMS. focused on ensuring proper treatment for the injured," chhattisgarh Deputy cm Arun Sao said.

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