Heatwave Alert: It is scorching heat all over the country

Heatwave Alert: What is Nautapa, whose first day is today, why can the condition of the general public worsen?

Heatwave Alert: It is scorching heat all over the country. The mercury has crossed 49 degrees in many areas of Rajasthan. Many people have also died due to heat wave. In such a situation, the days of Nautapa are beginning, in which the sun becomes more fierce.

Heatwave Alert: The heat in the weather is continuously increasing. There is a red alert of heatwave in 7 states of the country. In many areas of rajasthan the mercury has touched 49 degrees and is expected to cross 50 degrees. Many people have died due to heat stroke in rajasthan and large scale cases of heat stroke are reaching hospitals. In such a situation, the days of Nautapa have started from Saturday, in which the sun becomes more fierce. In the next 9 days i.e. from 25th May to 2nd june, the heat of the sun will be at its peak and the havoc of heatwave will be more visible. With the beginning of Jyeshtha month, Nautapa begins when the sun reaches rohini Nakshatra, which lasts for the first 9 days of Jyeshtha month. It is believed that if there is severe heat during this period, then it is a sign of heavy rain in the coming monsoon. However, due to the tremendous heatwave, the nine days of Nautapa prove to be very heavy on people's health.

Why is the heat so severe in Nautapa?

With the beginning of the 9th day of Nautapa, the sun starts moving from the Equator towards the Tropic of Cancer. Due to this, the distance between the sun and the Earth reduces and the Sun's rays start falling directly on the Earth. It is believed that during this period the coolness of the moon decreases and the heat of the sun increases. Its effect is visible on the temperature and the effect of heatwave increases in the season.

This time heatwave is already wreaking havoc

This time Nautapa is being considered more important because the heatwave has already wreaked havoc. The heat has broken records in april itself. According to the indian Meteorological Department (IMD), this time the average temperature in april has been 2 degrees higher than normal. This has been considered the hottest april since 1901. The situation has worsened further in May. Especially in North india and North-West india, due to heatwave, it has become difficult to go out of the house in the afternoon. IMD has issued red alert of heatwave for 7 states including Delhi, rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh. Heatwave alert has also been issued for cold kashmir valley and Himachal Pradesh. This situation is expected to persist for the next 5-6 days.

Mercury has reached 49 degrees in rajasthan, deaths have started happening

The mercury has already reached 49 degrees in Rajasthan. In Phalodi district of rajasthan, the maximum temperature has been recorded at 49 degrees, while in jaisalmer and Barmer the mercury has been recorded at more than 48 degrees. Due to this, so far 13 people have died due to heat stroke, while dozens of heat stroke patients have reached hospitals in almost every district.

How long will we get relief from heatwave?

The possibility of getting relief from heatwave is visible only when monsoon rains arrive. Monsoon reaches North india around june 20, which means there is very little chance of getting relief from heatwave before that. However, it is believed that this time the pre-monsoon rains will start only after the days of Nautapa are over.

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