The scorching heat in bhopal stopped the flight from taking off for one and a quarter hour

Madhya Pradesh News: Due to extreme heat in bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, the flight was stopped from taking off. Passengers expressed great displeasure over this.

Nowadays the scorching heat is oppressing everyone. In such a situation, the indigo flight going from Madhya Pradesh's capital bhopal to hyderabad was stopped at raja Bhoj airport for about one and a quarter hour due to heat. Due to high temperature, the pilot did not take off the plane on time. Besides, the AC of the plane was also switched off due to which the passengers expressed their displeasure.

What is the reason?

Actually, on friday, indigo flight was to take off from Rajabhoj airport for hyderabad at 5:50 pm. But due to hot weather the flight was stopped from taking off. It was told that due to high outside temperature the engine had gone into restricted mode. Let us tell you that on friday the maximum temperature of the day was recorded at 43.7 degrees in Bhopal.

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Flight number 6-E7122 usually departs from bhopal to hyderabad at 5.50 pm. The flight was to take off at the scheduled time on Friday. After security check, about 70 passengers were boarded in the ATR plane but even after closing the gate, the flight did not take off. The passengers expressed their displeasure over this matter inside the plane itself. After about an hour the plane's engine was started for the second time. The plane took off at 7.05 pm, about a quarter of an hour late.

Airport director said this

Airport director Ramji Awasthi said that the air does not support temperatures above 40. A flight can be taken only when the temperature is low, hence the flight was delayed by an hour. The flight included 71 passengers and an infant.

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