Is Dalljiet Kaur's second marriage falling apart?

 Is your husband having an affair? The actress shared a cryptic post

Famous tv actress Dalljiet Kaur had a second marriage with kenya based businessman Nikhil Patel. The actress returned to india only after 10 months of marriage and only after that the news of breakup of the couple's marriage is continuously coming to the fore. But the actress has not yet issued any official statement amid these news. Amidst all these news, news of the couple's relationship breaking up is coming to the fore again. Actually, the actress made a cryptic post.

 Has shared, in which she is talking about extra-marital affair, which has left people thinking.

 In which Nikhil's picture has been shared, but his face is hidden in it. It is written on its caption - Now shamelessly on social media with her every day. Your wife and son return after 10 months of marriage, the entire family is humiliated. Let's keep some dignity for the children. Along with this, the actress wrote - At least you should have given some respect to your wife in public because I was silent about many other things also. ,

Let us tell you that in the caption of the picture re-shared by the actress, it is written - You make me better. Along with this, some SN has been mentioned in the caption of that photo. Although who it is has not been completely revealed. At the same time, the actress has not yet released any official statement regarding her marriage and Nikhil. But this post has forced the fans of the actress to think.

Also, the actress had shared a post on instagram story last night, in which the actress is seen in bridal avatar. Also, it is written in the story caption what are your thoughts regarding extra marital affair. A girl, a husband or a wife is written in the option with this caption. In the caption of this video, the actress had written- She remains silent for the sake of her children. While his family is holding him to prevent him from falling. She waits.

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