Banks will remain closed for so many days in june, note down the date today itself.

Bank Holidays In june 2024: Banks will remain closed for 10 days including every sunday and second saturday in the month of June. Apart from this, there are some other holidays also.

If you have work related to bank holidays in the month of june, then make all the preparations in advance. Apart from second saturday and sunday, there will be some other bank holidays in the month of June. These holidays are according to region wise days. Out of 30 days, there will be bank holidays in some areas for 10 days while work will be done only for 20 days. According to the rules, banks remain closed on every sunday and on the second and fourth saturday of the month. If you have to get bank work done in june, then definitely check this list before that.

Today we are going to tell you about the bank holidays of the entire month including sunday and Saturday. Actually, banks are going to remain closed for a total of 10 days in the month of june, including festivals and government holidays. You can work online during these holidays. You can also transact money through online banking and ATM.

Banks will remain closed on all the dates given below in the month of June

June 2 - Sunday

June 8 – Second Saturday

June 9 - Sunday

June 15 - Banks will remain closed in bhubaneswar and Aizawl zones due to raja Sankranti.

June 16 - Sunday

17 june – Banks closed due to Bakrid.

June 18 - Banks will remain closed in Jammu and srinagar zones.

June 22 - Fourth Saturday

June 23 - Sunday

June 30 - Sunday


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