When Smita Patil called this superstar at midnight?

People of all ages come in the fan list of bollywood megastar amitabh Bachchan. Everyone likes his style but his fans were heartbroken when an accident happened in the year 1982 and Big B was badly injured. It is said that there was a period of worship and prayers for the megastar across the country and Big B himself believes that he is alive today because of the prayers of his fans. An accident on the sets of the film Coolie shocked amitabh Bachchan. According to reports, a day before this accident in 1982, amitabh bachchan had received a call from Smita Patil. He asked about Big B's well-being and asked him to take care of himself because he had a bad dream. amitabh bachchan took this matter lightly but later mentioned it in his blog.

Smita Patil had called amitabh Bachchan

Smita Patil used to be a great actress of her time. He died at a very young age but all the films he did became memorable. The pairing of Smita Patil and amitabh bachchan was loved on screen and how can anyone forget the film Namak Halal? The song 'Aaj Rapat Jaayen To Hume Na Uthayo' still remains on people's lips. amitabh and Smita used to be good friends and Smita Patil was one of Big's well-wishers. He also proved this through a phone call. The story is from the year 1982 when 'Coolie' was being shot in Bangalore. amitabh bachchan has written in his blog that Smita ji had called him at night and asked about his well-being.

Big B had told, 'I once stayed in Bangalore for the shooting of Coolie. One day at 2 o'clock in the night a call came in the hotel and the receptionist transferred the phone to me. I asked, hello, who was it? It was Smita ji's voice from there. He never called suddenly like this, so I was surprised too. Big B further said, 'I asked him are you fine, how is your health? So Smita ji told me that yes I am fine but I have seen a bad dream that is why I am calling so late in the night. Are you okay? I told Smita ji, yes, I am absolutely fine, don't worry and go to sleep. Then the next day that accident happened with me on the set.

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