China Encroached On Our Land…

congress president mallikarjun Kharge on saturday alleged that china has encroached on India’s land and is constructing houses and roads but prime minister Narendra Modi is silent. Where is the 56-inch chest, Kharge asked, taking a dig at the prime minister in his address at a rally in Himachal Pradesh’s Rohru. The congress chief said his party is fighting to save the people of the country and the Constitution. If the Constitution is not saved, democracy and the rights granted under it would be snatched, he said. ”The Modi government supports the rich, while the congress is with the poor. India’s first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru built infrastructure which helped the poor,” he said.

Modi’s government has ”sold public assets created by the congress to Adani-Ambani” and he is now asking the congress to give an account of 55 years (of rule), Kharge said. ”We will give account of every penny but Modi should first give account of his tenure.” ”We fought against pakistan and got independence for Bangladesh. china encroached on our land and is constructing houses and roads and prime minister Narendra Modi is silent. Where is the 56-inch chest?” Accusing the bjp of attempting to topple the democratically elected congress government in himachal pradesh using money power, he also cited the examples of Maharashtra, Manipur, madhya pradesh and Goa. Kharge alleged the bjp misused federal probe agencies to intimidate and put pressure on opposition leaders. Citing the example of former jharkhand chief minister Hemant Soren, the congress chief claimed that he was threatened by the bjp which asked him not to join the india bloc and later jailed him when he refused.

Claiming that PM Modi’s desperation was becoming evident in his speeches, the congress president said, ”He talks about Hindu-Muslim and caste divide. The bjp does not want social harmony and is dividing the people.” ”Modi is abusing the congress as he is afraid of rahul gandhi and sonia gandhi and is taking their names more than he takes the name of God,” Kharge said. He also hit out at the Centre for allegedly not providing aid to the himachal pradesh government in the aftermath of the natural calamity during the monsoon last year. chief minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu had sought Rs 10,000 crore aid from the Centre after the floods but got only stones, Kharge claimed.

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