Trump called Biden the 'worst president'…

Former President donald trump had to face repeated booing during a Libertarian party event in America. During the event, many people in the crowd chanted insulting slogans and strongly condemned him for lying about his COVID-19 policies, the growing federal deficit, and his political record.

According to india Today report, when former President donald trump came on stage to address the program, some people clapped and raised slogans of America-America. But, many people present in the crowd made fun of him. Whereas, some of his supporters applauded wearing 'Make America Great Again' caps and T-shirts. However, there was a time for trump when he had to face open opposition from the people.

In fact, when former President donald trump, while referring to the four criminal cases pending against him, jokingly said, "If I was not a Libertarian before, then I have definitely become a Libertarian now." Additionally, when trump tried to praise ardent supporters of freedom and called President Joe Biden a "tyrant" and the worst president in American history, some in the audience shouted "That's you."

Some Libertarians want to get 3% of their votes every 4 years

To this, trump retorted that you don't want to win and suggested that some Libertarians want to continue getting their 3% every 4 years. Libertarian party nominee Gary Johnson received nearly 3% of the vote in 2016, but nominee Joe Jorgensen received just over 1% in the 2020 election. Libertarians will choose their white house candidate at their convention, which ends on Sunday.

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