45 thousand had to flee the country to save their lives!!!

The increasing violence in conflict-ridden Rakhine of Myanmar has forced 45 thousand more Rohingyas to flee from here. This has come to light in a United Nations report. Not only this, the report claims that the Rohingyas had to take this step amid allegations of human rights violations like killing people, assault and burning of property. There have been clashes in several places in Rakhine since Arakan army rebels attacked ruling military government forces in November. Due to this, the large-scale war that has been going on since the military coup in 2021 has come to an end. This fight has kept the Muslim minorities trapped in the middle for a long time. Buddhist residents are in majority here, by whom they are considered outsiders. Whether he was in the government or from the rebel side.

6 lakh Rohingyas chose to stay in the country

The Arakan army has said it is fighting for self-rule for the ethnic Rakhine population in the state. These include the Rohingya, home to an estimated 6 lakh people of the Muslim minority who have chosen to live in the country.

More than 10 lakh Rohingyas took refuge in Bangladesh

After fleeing Rakhine, more than 1 million Rohingyas took refuge in Bangladesh. Of these, thousands of people were involved during the action taken by the army in 2017, which is now a case of genocide in the United Nations court.

45 thousand Rohingya fled near Naf river

Elizabeth Throssell, spokeswoman for the UN rights office in Geneva, said in a press conference last friday (24 May) that thousands of civilians were displaced during clashes in Buthidaung and Maungdaw townships in recent days. To save their lives, 45 thousand Rohingyas have fled to the Naf River area near the bangladesh border. He requested for protection in accordance with international law.

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