The general public aware of climate change…

It is not that the common people are unaware of the difficult situation on earth or are completely unaware. The awareness on climate change becomes clear in the survey conducted on indian voters by Yale university and C-Voter.   Five out of every six people agree that climate change is happening, four out of every five are concerned about climate change and almost three-quarters of voters feel climate change is happening.   More than half of the people expect the government to reduce the gases responsible for climate change and the number of aware people is increasing with time. According to another survey conducted on first-time urban voters, environment and climate change is the third most important issue. But despite the increasing awareness among the indian voters, neither the voters nor the political parties are able to understand such important issues like environmental politics, nor are the political parties trying hard to get every vote.

Supply on environment

There is a lot of awareness about the environment not only among the voters but also the political parties are including it in their election manifesto even at the food supply level.   Two decades ago, hardly any party paid attention to pollution, bio-diversity or climate change, but these issues are included in the guarantees of many parties this time, if not verbally, then at least on paper with attractive promises.   Why only this time…? In the last 2019 general elections, at least two major political parties, bharatiya janata party (BJP) and Congress, had started giving special place to issues like environment and climate change in their manifestos, which is continuing this time too.   At least in the last two general elections, despite their inclusion in the manifestos of the main parties, there is minimal discussion on environment related issues in Parliament. In the twenty years before the last general elections, only less than one percent of questions were raised on issues related to climate change and the same situation is visible in the ongoing election campaign also.

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