Developed countries, environment and public opinion!!!

In developed countries, political parties have been successful in creating public opinion on environmental issues; even in many countries, political parties have emerged only on environmental issues and have been successful to some extent. Germany's Green party can be placed in this series.   Initially it was quite successful on its issues of climate, water, environment etc. but in recent years it has not been able to perform that well. Since these issues became so important that no other party would want to take the risk of ignoring them and the result was that all the issues of the Green party were adopted by other major parties and the performance of the Green party diminished.  

A movement like the Green party can be considered successful because over time the issues important for nature got accepted among the political parties on this pretext. There is no possibility of any political intervention like the Green party in india because all the parties are more or less based on populist slogans, promises, They are trying to woo voters through debates and discussions.   Even the BJP, whose government in its last tenure, has not only taken effective decisions on environment and climate issues at the national and global level but has also become a vocal voice of the countries of the South through Solar Alliance, G20, and other forums. Has provided leadership, but is not able to keep all these issues among the voters.  

At the same time, Congress, which has been the architect of most of the environment related laws till now, does not want to corner BJP.   In the electoral race, the issue of environment has reached the manifesto at the speed of a tortoise, it remains to be seen how long will it be able to take the rabbit's leap to the voters in the form of election discourse and slogans?

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