Mallu Ravi: KTR's comments are objectionable…

Senior congress leader Mallu ravi said that former minister KTR's comments against congress party candidate Theenmar Mallanna as part of the graduate MLC election campaign are objectionable. Does Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) MLC candidate ask for votes only from BITS Pilani? Mallu asked. Speaking as part of the MLC election campaign, ktr said that the MLC candidate of his party is a BITS Pilani student and the congress party candidate is a blackmailer. The congress party is strongly objecting to this.

Recently, Mallu ravi spoke to the media and refuted KTR's comments. The BRS leaders who are saying that they have nominated a person who studied in BITS Pilani.. are they asking for votes only from those who have studied there..? Mallu ravi asked. He said that it is not correct to speak as if only those who studied in BITS Pilani are graduates and the rest are not. He stated that he strongly condemns KTR's comments insulting congress candidate Theenmar Mallanna.

He criticized that the attitude of Bharatiya Rashtra Samithi leaders towards graduates is clear from their words. They demanded that ktr withdraw his comments saying that the election commission had accepted that Tinmar Mallanna was eligible to contest. Mallu ravi stated that the comments made by ktr will be brought to the attention of the election Commission. He asked the ec to take immediate action on this.

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