A family that went and voted with police security!!!

Vote.. is a right given to common people by democracy. It is a process of fearlessly electing a leader who elects them every five years. It is known that the election process was held in ap on 13th of this month. The polling ended peacefully except for sporadic incidents. However, in this election, a family went between the police and revenue officials and exercised their right to vote. Ambedkar's incident in Konaseema district came to light late.

Because between safety?

A family has a road dispute with locals in Amalapuram town in Konaseema district headquarters of Ambedkar. If they want to go to vote, they have to go through that road. However, the family felt that they would not be allowed to go that route due to the controversy and they should exercise their right to vote anyway. In this order, they complained to the election commission explaining their problem.

After examining this, the ec ordered the collector to take action. On the day of polling, a constable and a revenue staff were sent as security to the family after receiving appropriate instructions from the election observer. The family went to the polling station and cast their vote amid the arrangement. police said that the entire process was recorded on video.

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