Election Counting - Special Officers for Districts!!!

It is known that there were incidents of violence in some places during the polling on 13th of this month. Even after polling, clashes broke out in some parts of Palnadu, Anantapur and tirupati districts. In this order, the state police department has been alerted. Strict measures are being taken to prevent any untoward incident during counting on june 4. Separate police officers have been appointed for each district. In this regard, DGP Harish Kumar Gupta issued orders appointing 56 special police officers. It is stated that maximum 8 police officers are appointed for Palnadu district. They are advised to report to the higher authorities of the respective districts immediately. Law and order responsibilities in sensitive segments have been directed to be assigned to special officers. He warned that strict restrictions will be in place at the vote counting centers. If anyone tries to create riots, strict action will be taken.

On the other hand, Section 144 continues in Palnadu. SP Mallikagarg said that this will continue till june 5 to bring the situation under complete control. As the counting date approaches, police have been deployed in large numbers in all the major constituencies of the district. Cordon search is being conducted in all the villages. Officials said that 13 people were arrested on saturday in SIT cases. In connection with the cases of violent incidents, 01 people were bound over in narasaraopet Sub-division, 46 in Sattenapalli Sub-division, 27 in Gurjala Sub-division, and a total of 74 people. Security in the district is being monitored by IG Sarvashrestha Tripathi and SP himself.

Besides, massive security arrangements have also been made at the county centers in Anantapuram district. The police have taken over the counting center of JNTU. Check posts have been set up in the surrounding areas. Constantly monitoring with CC cameras.. connected with command control. Three special officers have been appointed for the district.

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