Mock Drills - Special Officers - police Ready for Counting!!!

Despite the highest turnout in the country, the most violent elections were also recorded in AP. Due to this, the police are taking precautions for counting. Mock drills are being conducted in all the problem areas for a few days. No matter what the situation is, the police have made arrangements to rectify the situation.

On the other hand, the police have alerted the officials everywhere. It has been decided that strict action will be taken against anyone who colludes with political leaders and brings law and order problems at the lower level. The SIT report has revealed that many policemen have indirectly contributed to the riots in the earlier riots. Dozens of police officers have already been attacked. That's why the authorities are seriously making security arrangements without any errors. A cordon search was conducted and weapons and vehicles without proper documents were seized from the houses of the suspects.

Special police officers are appointed for each district for counting. DGP Harish Kumar Gupta has issued orders appointing additional SP and DSP level officers. A total of 56 people have been appointed as special officers. They were ordered to report to the higher officials of the respective districts by this evening. In his orders, the DGP said that the responsibilities of law and order in sensitive areas should be assigned to special officers. 8 police officers have been assigned to Palnadu district which is one of the troubled areas. Among them are six additional SPs and two DSPs.  

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