25 BRS MLAs join hands! What is the secret?

telangana loksabha elections 2024: Hyderabad: In the elections, every party will engage in mind game to beat its rival party. But whether the sensational comments made after the election are a part of the mind game or the real game is now raising excitement in Telangana. In telangana, BRS, congress and bjp are trying to retain their hold as the main parties. But if the political picture before the assembly elections was one... the political picture changed after congress came to power.

Until then, kcr, who had ruled telangana politics single-handedly, was in a lonely situation. The congress, which was thought to be a political grave in telangana, got a revival under the leadership of revanth reddy and became a key player politically. Before the election, kamalam party, which wanted to be the party that will come to power in telangana or an alternative party, is waiting for its chance because it has not achieved the desired results. But now it has become challenging for the BRS party to stand up against the strategies of the two national parties.

Has kcr started a political mind game...?

Speaking to a media as part of the general election campaign, BRS chief kcr said that 25 congress MLUs are in touch with him. But before that, BRS leaders like ktr and Kadiam Srihari, who won as BRS mla and recently joined the congress, kept saying that it is certain that BRS will come back to power. He made comments that the fall of the government is certain within six months. But Swayana kcr saying that 25 MLAs are in touch with him and promoting that revanth reddy will join bjp is part of the strategy. But one has to wonder whether this is to influence voters or is part of an attempt to woo congress MLAs. However, as kcr has said, the change of power is not an easy matter.

Surveys say that the results of the parliamentary elections will favor the congress and the BJP. If the surveys go as they say...BRS will have to face tough conditions in telangana politics for another five years. But the comments that 25 MLAs are in touch has become a matter of discussion. Whether this is just a kcr style political comment or a strategy... it will be evident in the coming time.

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