Is Union minister kishan reddy giving a hint to BRS...?

If this mind game starts between the two parties... bjp has also entered into this game. kishan reddy, who is also the Union minister and telangana State bjp president, confirmed that many MLAs from BRS are sure to join the Congress. But kishan reddy really said with the information they have..or did he say to hit BRS as part of a mind game...or did he say to alert the BRS party..if it a joint effort of two national parties to end the BRS party?

Generally BJP's number one enemy is Congress. After saying that BRS MLAs are going into such a congress, these comments have to be seen from the perspective of whether the BRS chief is trying to provoke kcr and turn him towards them. This means that in response to the dice thrown by the congress after the parliamentary elections, doubts are being raised whether the bjp is behind the attempt to overthrow the party from the seat of power by dragging the congress MLAs through KCR. As soon as he came to power in 2014, kcr split the congress MLAs and included them in his party. The reason given by him that day is the same as the comments made by Same kishan reddy publicly today. He said that in 2014, trs and congress were conspiring to topple their government without grabbing their MLAs, and when majlis party President Asaduddin said this, he became alert and had to start Operation Akarsh to save the government.

Now in the same way, kishan reddy hinting that 25 MLAs are going from BRS to congress , doubts are being expressed that kcr is going to dethrone the congress with the help of bjp . It means that the overthrow of the congress was done as part of self-defense ( in the care of the BRS party ), so we have to wait and see whether it was part of preparing the ground first. But it cannot be said that this will happen now.. What will be the consequences in telangana after the parliament elections. In the same way, there is no doubt that who will sit on the delhi pedestal will change the future course of politics. If the nda coalition comes back to power for the third time, it remains to be seen whether the lotus leaders will keep their main rival, the congress, in power.

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