Hundreds of crores scam in Telangana…

BRS party working president and former minister ktr has alleged that the congress government in telangana has been involved in a scam of hundreds of crores of rupees since its formation. He said that this huge scam took place in the Civil Supplies Department. It is alleged that there were irregularities in the global tenders called for the purchase of thin rice and grain.. The congress party has committed this scandal within 50 days of coming to power. ktr held a press meet at telangana Bhavan on sunday (May 26).

ktr said that rice millers in the state are being threatened to pay Rs.150 to Rs.223 per quintal. They said that even if they don't lift it, they will show it as done. In addition, ktr alleged that even if it was taken at the rate of Rs. 200 per quintal. He said that there will be a Kumbhamela of scandals during the congress regime. He questioned how private organizations not related to the government can collect money on behalf of the government. ktr said that they conspired with the millers to commit a huge scam.

ktr said that Ravinder Singh, who worked as the chairman of the State Civil Supplies Corporation, made these allegations for the first time 15 days ago. However, till now no explanation has been received from minister Uttam Kumar reddy and cm Revanth.

ktr said that on june 2nd, since telangana will be ten years old, a grand celebration will be held at telangana Bhavan. ktr said that the BRS government has laid a foundation that will not be disturbed even for a thousand years as a witness of KCR's rule. ktr said that Rose party, which assumed the reins of power on Telangana's statehood day, will hold the statehood day as the opposition for the first time.

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