Politics in the Anantapur district always creates a sensation. There are 14 assembly seats in this district. women are contesting from four assembly seats from the tdp party. But if these four win, a new record will also be registered in Rayalaseema. It is noteworthy that one of the contestants is a former minister, the other contested in the general elections and the other two are newcomers.

Former minister Paritala Sunnita contested from the raptadu constituency. She also won from penugonda raptadu in the past. This time she contested again with the sitting mla Topudurthi Prakash Reddy. If you win against him, you can say that it is a record.

Bandaru Shravani contested in the singanamala SC constituency. She was defeated by Jonnalagadda Padmavathi in the last election. This time, Chandrababu gave her ticket priority for the election and she was fielded opposite to the tipper driver.

From the penugonda assembly segment. Savithamma, daughter of Ramachandra reddy, was fielded as a tdp candidate. Former minister Usha Sri Charan was fielded from YCP. Earlier she represented kalyan Durgam. jagan changed his seat this time.

Instead of ex-minister Palle Raghunath reddy, Chandrababu gave a chance to his daughter-in-law Palle Sindhura reddy in this election from the puttaparthi constituency. YSRCP sitting mla Diddikunta sridhar reddy stood from this constituency.

On the whole, four women in Anantapur district got a chance compared to the other three districts in rayalaseema and it remains to be seen whether they will win the elections.

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