Assembly and parliament elections in Andhra state ended on 13th May. There is a vote counting program on june 4. Who won in which assembly today? There will be complete clarity on who is going to come to power. The election commission has almost successfully completed the voting day. Except for some scattered incidents in one or two places, the elections were completed smoothly in the entire state.

Even before the elections, the election commission has been making many plans to make the voting process more smooth. If not, it seems that the election commission has already prepared a complete plan for the vote counting program to be held on june 4. Now let's know the details of how the vote counting program is going to be held in Andhra state on june 4th.

It seems that the election commission is going to set up 14 tables for each assembly as part of the vote counting program on june 4. It seems that the whole state is going to be like this. According to this there are going to be 14 tables per round. Once the counting is done in 14 tables, the first round results will come out. It will be like this for every round. It seems that counting of votes for parliament seats will also be done on the same basis.

It seems that there are going to be 14 tables for each round and the results of those 14 tables will be released once. Otherwise, the postal ballot votes are going to be counted first. After the counting of those votes, the counting of EVMs will start.

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