Who will win elections on the same topic in the whole state of Andhra Pradesh..? Who will come to power? people in the city can't talk much about VT due to their busy lives, but the people in the rural areas sit for a while under a tree or somewhere when they have time. Ok will he win in our constituency..? And who will get more seats in the entire state.

Who will be cm again? These kinds of things keep coming to the fore. Some of them bring the fact that they are likely to win this time as the wind of alliance is blowing strongly, and some of them say that YCP, which is the current ruling party, has brought many welfare schemes to our homes. It seems that some people are expressing their opinion that it would be good if such a party comes again.

Otherwise, people in rural areas mostly believe in rain. Because if the rains fall properly, the crops will grow more. Through them the people of the rural areas lead a very happy life. It did not rain much during Chandrababu's reign. There is more drought. And for the five years of Jagan's government, the rains were good. Due to them the villages in the state have developed a lot. The elections ended a few days ago.

Meanwhile, it is raining here and there. Also, the Meteorological Department says that there are chances of good rains in the next few days. Some rural people seem to think that all this is a sign of Jagan's victory. According to the rain forecast, the rural people received good rains during the five years of Jagan's tenure as CM. As the meteorological department is indicating that it will rain again, it is clear that they are thinking that all this is a sign of Jagan's victory.

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