Per day Rs. Just invest 333.. Get Rs. 17 Lakhs.. Best Post office Scheme..

The Post office has a number of small savings schemes. You can open your account with an investment of just 100 rupees per month. By this you can earn good income.

Post office RD Scheme

Everyone wants to save a portion of their income and invest in a place where they will not only keep their money safe but also get strong returns. There are various ways of saving. In this plan you can earn every day Rs. 333 by depositing, you get Rs. 16 lakhs can be obtained.

Post office Scheme

You can open your account by investing Rs.100 per month in RT, which is included in the Post Office's Best Small Savings Schemes. Currently this scheme is offering strong compound interest of 6.7%. This new interest rate will be applicable from january 1, 2024. You should invest on time every month.

Post office Best Saving Scheme

Because if you forget to pay the installment in any month, you will have to pay a penalty of 1% per month. If your 4 consecutive installments are exempted. If you log out, this account will also be closed automatically. The maturity period of this scheme is 5 years. You can get Rs.16 lakhs by investing in this Post office Bill.

Savings Scheme

If you invest Rs.333 daily in this scheme, this amount becomes approximately Rs.10,000 every month. This will save 1.20 lakh rupees per year. That means you will deposit Rs.6 lakhs during the five-year maturity period. Now if compound interest is 6.7 percent, it will be Rs.1,13,659, which means your total amount will be Rs.7,13,659.

Post office Saving Schemes 2024

Although the maturity period of Post office Recurring Deposit is 5 years, you can extend it for another five years. That means you can get the benefit of this bill for up to 10 years. Now your deposit in 10 years is Rs. 12,00000 and the interest on that is Rs. 5,08,546 will also be. Now after adding interest, after 10 years the total amount will be Rs.17,08,546

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