Minister Uttam Kumar Reddy's statement highlights the discrepancy between the actual amount of grain purchased (Rs. 200 crores) and the alleged corruption amount (Rs. 2000 crores). By pointing out this significant difference, he challenges the credibility of the corruption allegations leveled against the government. Additionally, his mention of Kendriya Bandaru being blacklisted and subsequently removed by the BRS government suggests a broader context to the situation, possibly indicating past actions affecting the current narrative.

His warning against false propaganda underscores the importance of responsible discourse in politics, emphasizing the need for constructive engagement rather than misinformation. The assertive tone in his statement, declaring "he is Uttam Kumar Reddy," suggests a firm resolve to address the issue and defend his position.

By citing the increase in grain prices under the congress government compared to the previous administration, he underscores the efforts to enhance farmers' incomes. This additional income figure of Rs.1,100 crore highlights the positive impact of the government's policies on agricultural prosperity. His warning of strict action against any corruption indicates a commitment to upholding integrity in the system. It's essential for officials to prioritize the welfare of farmers and maintain ethical standards in their dealings. 

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