Arvind kejriwal said a big thing while mentioning BJP…

Verbal attacks between the party and the opposition have intensified regarding the last phase of lok sabha elections in Punjab. In this episode, delhi chief minister arvind kejriwal, who came to campaign for the aam aadmi party in punjab, fiercely attacked the bjp and the Central Government. He appealed to the people to strengthen the hand of aam aadmi party by winning all the 13 seats in the state. delhi cm kejriwal said, "All of you strengthen our hands at the Centre." If you give 13 out of 13 seats of punjab to aam aadmi party, our strength will increase in Delhi. There are many issues of punjab for which we will have to fight with the central government. You strengthen our hands.

CM kejriwal appealed to win on 13 seats

The chief minister of delhi further said, "We will fight for the rights of Punjab." All your issues will be resolved. Think for yourself. If laws are passed in your assembly, the governor sits with them. Then what was the benefit? If you give us 13 MPs, the governor will not have the courage to stop your bill. If this happens, all 13 MPs will sit on hunger strike outside the Governor's house. The center is sitting with your Rs 8 thousand crores. The central government is sitting with Rs 5,500 crore of Rural Development Fund, how dare they.

You strengthen our hands- cm Kejriwal

He further said, “This is the right of the people of Punjab. It is your right. You are not begging for anything. He stopped the money from the National health Mission, from which mohalla clinics were to be built. How dare they stop your money. They got courage because we do not have MPs in the Lok Sabha. We are weak. When we talk with the center, we are weak. You strengthen our hand, then the central government will not have the courage to interfere in the issues internal to Punjab.

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