Arvind Kejriwal's attack on bjp in Punjab…

The campaign for the last phase of lok sabha elections is going on in full swing in Punjab. Meanwhile, while addressing a public meeting in Hoshiarpur, delhi Chief minister arvind kejriwal attacked bjp and the central government on many issues including reservation. He also raised questions about BJP's 400-pass slogan and appealed to the people to strengthen the hand of Aam Aadmi Party. delhi cm arvind kejriwal took a jibe at the Center and said, "In 2014, they used to say that I am a Pradhan Sevak." In 2019 he said that I am a watchman and today he is saying that I am an incarnation of God. This time press such a button that their ego will be shattered.

'As long as I am alive I will not allow reservation to be abolished'

CM arvind kejriwal further said, “They (BJP) say that 400 seats are needed. We asked why is it needed? Their people say that PM Modi ji wants to do some big work. We said what big work do we want to do? Then it came to light that they want to cancel your reservation. You all have to stay away from these. Today I am telling you that as long as arvind kejriwal remains alive, no one will have the courage to end the reservation. As long as I am alive I will not let them end reservation.

Need your support- cm Kejriwal

Appealing to the people, he said, "Your support is needed." I am fighting them. I am struggling with these. We will not allow the reservation to be stopped under any circumstances but we need your support. kejriwal cannot do anything without your support. He appealed to make aam aadmi party candidate raj Kumar Chabbewal win from Hoshiarpur with maximum majority.

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