Deepender Singh Hooda's wife and mother make big claim?

The reaction of congress candidate Deepender Singh Hooda has come to light after casting his vote from rohtak Lok Sabha seat of Riyana. He said that I am confident that I am getting the full blessings of the people. congress will win rohtak Lok Sabha seat with a huge majority. Not only in rohtak, india alliance has moved ahead to win all the 10 seats of Haryana. When he was asked what would be the first thing you would do after winning? On this, Hooda said that efforts will be made to ensure that rohtak gets recognized in the map of the country. The people of haryana have made up their mind for change.

Hooda's wife and mother also reacted

During the voting, reactions of Deepender Singh Hooda's wife Shweta Hooda and mother Asha Hooda also came. Shweta Hooda said that haryana is no different from the rest of the country. There are some issues that matter more than others. Issues related to farmers, issues related to army, the impact of these issues has been seen a lot in our villages. Whereas Deepender Singh Hooda's mother Asha Hooda claimed the victory of Congress. He said that he will win and he should win.

BJP candidate from rohtak also reacted

BJP candidate from rohtak Lok Sabha seat Arvind Sharma cast his vote along with his family members at the government Model Sanskriti Primary school in Jhajjar district. During this he said that I appeal to all the voters to use their vote. All voters of thirty communities should use their vote. He said that we are receiving complaints from some polling booths. But the administration is alert and is doing its work. I hope that lotus will bloom on all the 10 seats of Haryana. ECI has said that only one voter can enter the booth at a time. But at some places people are accompanying the voters inside the voting booth. But the administration is strict and alert and is doing its work. There is no complaint about booth capturing. But some people are trying hard but have not been successful.

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