Pakistan can come here for treatment, cm Channi…

Former chief minister of punjab and congress candidate from jalandhar Lok Sabha seat, Charanjit Singh Channi has given a controversial statement regarding wagah Warder. The former cm has said that if congress government is formed then he will open the wagah Border. He claimed that this will boost the medical tourism of Jalandhar. congress candidate from jalandhar Lok Sabha seat Charanjit Singh Channi said during a press conference, "We will develop jalandhar as a medical hub and open the wagah border so that people from pakistan can come here for treatment."

Controversial statement of former cm Channi

Former punjab chief minister Channi, while arguing during the press conference, said that with the opening of wagah Border, people of pakistan will reach india for treatment and due to this, medical tourism will get a boost in Punjab. Along with this, he also gave his reaction regarding PM Modi's rally in jalandhar on 24th May. The congress leader said that prime minister Narendra Modi's rally in punjab was a complete flop.

Charanjit Singh Channi's attack on PM Modi

Congress leader Charanjit Singh Channi fiercely targeted bjp and PM Modi. He said that whatever promises PM Modi has made, he is not going to fulfill them. He said that the PM has disappointed the people here but if congress comes to power, it will develop the state. Let us tell you that prime minister Narendra Modi reached punjab on 24th May. During the rally in jalandhar, he fiercely attacked the indian alliance including Congress.

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