Ashok Gehlot surrounded cm Bhajanlal - 'This is heart-wrenching...'

A picture has emerged from Bhinyad village of Shiv assembly constituency of rajasthan in which an elderly patient is lying on the ground and saline is being administered to him. After this picture surfaced, former cm Ashok Gehlot has raised questions on the health system of the state. He has appealed to the state cm Bhajan Lal Sharma and the health minister to take cognizance of the matter. cm Gehlot wrote on 'X', "Such a heart-wrenching picture is a question on the system of rajasthan government." The chief minister and the health minister should take cognizance of this and direct the concerned officials to ensure that it is not repeated anywhere in the future.

Gehlot mentioned the incident of 1990s

Ashok Gehlot did another one, “I remember that once in the 1990s, the temperature at some places in rajasthan had crossed 50 degrees Celsius. Even then there were casualties due to heat stroke. Ice blocks were brought to the hospitals for the treatment of heat stroke and heat stroke was treated by reducing the temperature in the wards.

This appeal of former cm Gehlot to the common people

The former cm said, “So far, more than a dozen people have lost their lives due to heatstroke in Rajasthan. The general public is requested to come out of the house only when absolutely necessary. Drink as much water as possible. Try to keep water outside the house for birds and animals to drink. Giving suggestions to the government, Gehlot said, "The government should also make complete arrangements to deal with the problems caused by heat." The rich class, which provides employment to laborers and low income group people, is requested to think sympathetically in this summer and get work done in the morning and evening only, so that both their life and livelihood can go on."

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