Record of illegal seizure broken in Rajasthan…

Over Rs 1,205 crore worth of drugs, liquor, precious metals, freebies and illicit cash has been seized by various enforcement agencies in rajasthan during the lok sabha elections since the beginning of March. Chief Electoral Officer praveen Gupta said that since march 1, more than Rs 1,205 crore has been seized in the state. He said that after the implementation of the Model Code of Conduct, the value of the items seized by the agencies since march 16 on the instructions of the election Department is more than Rs 1,100 crore.

Liquor and precious metals like gold and silver have been seized.

Praveen Gupta said in a statement that according to the reports received from different agencies, since march 1 this year, about Rs 43 crore in cash, drugs worth Rs 257.35 crore, liquor worth more than Rs 49.36 crore and Precious metals like gold and silver worth approximately Rs 75.70 crore has been seized. Besides, other materials worth more than Rs 779.32 crore and freebies worth about Rs 90 lakh have also been seized.

114% increase in cash recovery

The current seizures show a significant increase in all categories compared to the seizures made during the same period during the 2019 lok sabha elections. This time, cash seizures have seen an increase of 114%, while liquor and precious metal seizures have increased by 61% and 43% respectively. The biggest increase in terms of value was in the seizure of drugs, which has increased to 62%. During the code of conduct period in the year 2019, cash worth Rs 6.81 crore, liquor worth Rs 13.92 crore, gold and silver including other precious metals worth Rs 7.8 crore, drugs worth Rs 15.57 crore and freebies worth Rs 7.32 crore and other suspicious items were seized. were confiscated.

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