Will she move from Mandi to mumbai after elections? 

Voting is to be held on june 1 in the last phase of lok sabha elections in Himachal Pradesh. In such a situation, the verbal attacks by the leaders have intensified. Meanwhile, bjp candidate from Mandi lok sabha seat of Himachal Pradesh, kangana ranaut has fiercely attacked Congress. In a special conversation with ABP News, kangana ranaut said, "We were stopped during the campaign, we were attacked," the entire system of congress is based on lies. Congress's lies are visible everywhere. Many lies were told to me too. He said that the lies are being told about me, but the public is seeing everything.

'Development is our main agenda'

Kangana Ranaut said during the interview, our main agenda is development. But let's talk about snatching away Congress. These people are the villains of the country. congress is showing love to the enemies of the country. congress is not showing love towards Lord ram, congress is not showing love towards ram devotees. kangana further said that rahul gandhi has no connection. rahul gandhi read poverty only in books. sonia gandhi also managed power through manipulation. rahul gandhi is a foreigner."

What did you say on the allegation of Jeet leaving Himachal?

In fact, congress has been accusing kangana ranaut that if kangana wins the elections, she will not stay in Himachal and will go to Mandi. Responding to this, bjp candidate kangana ranaut said, "I am not going anywhere after the elections. If I win the elections, I will stay here. Even now when I come to Manali, everyone knows that kangana has come." My roots are here." kangana ranaut further said, "I do not expect any post. If I win, I am not greedy for any post, but when you do good, you get good."

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