BJP leaders upset after defeat, cm Sukhu targets opposition …

There are lok sabha elections in himachal pradesh in the seventh and last phase. Along with elections for all four lok sabha seats, by-elections are to be held in six assembly constituencies. Since, now four days are left for the elections. In such a situation, the electoral type has also gained momentum. chief minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu addressed election public meetings at Naura in Sulh and Halehar Kalan in kangra on Saturday.

Chief minister Sukhwinder Singh said that it is necessary for the sellable leaders and the buying bjp to lose in the public court, because it is necessary to maintain the strength of the vote. bjp wants to destroy democracy and run a dictatorship, but the people's power has uprooted big dictators. My strength is the public, only the public will give a befitting reply to bjp in the lok sabha elections and assembly by-elections. The state government has fulfilled 5 out of 10 guarantees in its tenure of 15 months. bjp is not able to digest this. bjp leaders are making meaningless statements in anger.

CM calls bjp a fake cow protector

Chief minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu said that bjp people are fake cow protectors. The congress government is doing the work of cow protection. The state government has made a provision to provide financial assistance of Rs 1,200 for sending destitute animals to the cow shed. No farmer should leave his cattle loose. They should bring the cattle to the cow shed. Cowshed operators will also be given Rs 1,200 per cow.

The fight is to save democracy - anand Sharma

Congress candidate from kangra lok sabha constituency anand sharma said that bjp intends to change the Constitution and parliamentary system. This has got to stop. Otherwise this will be the last election of Parliament. He asked at the end whether two crore jobs were created, Rs 15 lakh came, inflation came down, the rupee did not become stronger. Ten years of bjp and ten years of UPA have to be compared. Ten years' accounts will have to be sought from BJP. prime minister Narendra Modi should first tell about the old guarantee, do not talk about the new guarantee. It is important to remember demonetization. Remember what happened in the Himachal disaster. Thakur, not bjp, but chief minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu wiped the tears of the affected people. bjp leaders only did politics, the central government did not give even a penny to Himachal.

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