'PM only for 20-25 people...', rahul gandhi attacks…

Rahul gandhi addressed an election rally in Nahan, Himachal Pradesh. During this, he launched a scathing attack on BJP. During his speech, rahul gandhi alleged that PM Modi did not help himachal pradesh during the disaster. 22 thousand families were affected by the disaster in the state. The central government did not give anything to the disaster affected people. The central government has not yet compensated for the loss of Rs 9 thousand crores.

Rahul gandhi said, "Due to the partnership of prime minister narendra modi and industrialists, the gardeners are not getting fair prices for apples. All the facilities for apple storage have been given to the industrialists. They are controlling the prices of apples." While addressing the public meeting, PM Modi accused him of working for 20-25 people. rahul gandhi said, "Seven airports of the country were given to gautam Adani's company. His company is also doing the work of manufacturing weapons. The whole country knows that as long as narendra modi remains in power, his company will earn profits."

Former minister's counterattack on rahul Gandhi's statement

On rahul Gandhi's statement, the former Urban Development minister reminded of the Emergency. suresh Bhardwaj said that commenting against the media is an old habit of rahul Gandhi. Even during the Emergency, freedom of the press was strangled like the Rowlatt Act. He said that rahul gandhi is making false promises of giving Rs 8,500 every month to women.

What happened to the promise of Rs 1.5 thousand - suresh Bhardwaj

Suresh Bhardwaj said that the people of Himachal are asking what happened to the promise of Rs 1,500. He said, "Rahul gandhi, who is talking about apple growers, should know that there was an agreement between the World Trade Organization and the then UPA government. The signer of the agreement was the then Union minister Anand Sharma."

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