Maliwal Alleges Death Threats Intensified…

Amid the ongoing feud with the aam aadmi party (AAP) over an alleged assault on her, rajya sabha MP swati Maliwal on sunday said that she has been receiving rape and death threats after a “character assassination” campaign “orchestrated” by her party leaders and YouTuber dhruv Rathee. Sharing several screenshots of abusive messages she has received on social media platforms, the former delhi Commission For women (DCW) Chief said that the situation escalated after Rathee posted a “one-sided video” against her.

“After the leaders and volunteers of my party, i.e., AAP orchestrated a campaign of character assassination, victim shaming, and fanning of emotions against me, I have been getting rape and death threats. This got further exacerbated when YouTuber @Dhruv_Rathee posted a one-sided video against me,” Maliwal wrote on X . She alleged that AAP leadership is trying to intimidate her into withdrawing her complaint against delhi Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal’s close aide Bibhav Kumar. Maliwal also expressed disappointment with the YouTuber, saying that despite her efforts to contact him and share her side of the story, he ignored her calls and messages.

“As far as the party leadership goes, it is very clear that they are trying to intimidate me into withdrawing my complaint. However, for dhruv, I tried my best to reach out to him to tell him my version but he ignored my calls and messages. It is shameful that people like him, who claim to be independent journalists could act like other AAP spokespersons and victim shame me to the extent that I am now facing extreme abuses and threats.” she added. She further listed five points that she felt were neglected in dhruv Rathee’s 2.5-minute video and asked why Rathee failed to mention that AAP took a U-turn after accepting that the incident happened or talk about her ⁠MLC (medicolegal case) report that reveals injuries due to the assault.

“Selected part of the video was released and then the phone of the accused was formatted… The accused was arrested from the crime scene (CM house). Why was he allowed to enter the place again? For tampering of evidence?… How a woman who always stood for the right issues, even went to Manipur alone without security could be bought over by the BJP,” she asked.

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