Indian man captures scary video of ‘traffic’!!!

An indian man recently shared a scary video of “traffic” on Mount Everest and expressed that it is “not a joke but quite a serious climb”. Rajan Dwivedi, who recently realised his ten-year-old dream of reaching the top of the world, shared the video on Instagram. The long queue of climbers on the world’s highest peak was due to the incident where british climber Daniel Paterson and his Nepali Sherpa, Pastenji, were hit by falling ice while descending from the summit. Dwivedi shared the scary video on May 21 with the caption, “This video captured shows what we face on one rope line and negotiating interchanges during the traffic for upstream and downstream! The main reason is the weather window to avoid the fierce cruising jet streams that could be 100-240mph! For me, coming down was a nightmare and exhausting while a huge line of climbers was coming up to maximize the weather window!”

In the caption, he also mentioned the three hardest climbs: “1) Khumbu Icefalls 2) C3 to C4 and 3) C4 to Summit during the entire night in the death zone in the frigid air!” He also expressed that approximately 500 climbers, amateurs and inexperienced people across the world attempt to reach the Earth’s highest point, but only a few of them succeed. Dwivedi also shared that many climbers end up with frostbite, snow blindness and other injuries.

Earlier, mountain guide Vinayak Malla shared a video of a cornice collapse on Mount Everest and described how he and his teammates narrowly escaped the life-threatening situation after summiting Mount Everest. He shared three videos—one showed a long queue of climbers before the cornice collapsed, the next one showed scary visuals after the cornice collapsed, and the third one captured the repaired route with climbers passing by. Since there were long queues of climbers, Malla and his teammates took a different route to reach the base camp.

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