Actions against corrupt people will not stop…?

Prime minister Modi has been saying in the election campaign meetings that congress leader rahul gandhi and aam aadmi party leader kejriwal are getting support from Pakistan. pakistan wants them to win. prime minister Modi also confirmed this in an exclusive interview to IANS. He said that people in india should know why they are getting support from Pakistan. He commented that this will be revealed through investigation.

We ended it!

Prime minister Modi said there is no such thing as corruption in bjp rule. Key comments were made in connection with Rajiv Gandhi's earlier comments. In the past, if the government spends a rupee for the poor, only ten paise will reach the poor..Corruption is at that level. Indirectly reminding the same thing, prime minister Modi bjp government directly to the poor through DBT Rs. 38 lakh crores has been distributed. He said that 25 to 30 lakh crores would be diverted in the form of corruption.

When catching big Avinichi fish, they are making noise!

Prime minister Modi has made it clear that he is taking a stand against political corruption. He said that they are catching big fish now. But they were angry that they were questioning why they were being arrested. He criticized that the Khan market gang is acting like this. They are propagating a narrative that there is a political conspiracy in it. prime minister Modi reminded that aam aadmi party leader arvind kejriwal had earlier said that sonia gandhi should be sent to jail. Now he is the one who is accusing the arrest as illegal. Khan expressed his displeasure that the market gang would also blame the independent investigation agencies for destroying corruption systems. Investigating agencies are investigating.. He clarified that the judiciary will impose punishments and there will be no political involvement in it.

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