Huge conspiracy to disrupt counting centers…

It is needless to say how tense the elections are going on in AP. Although the elections are over, the attacks and atrocities are not decreasing. Central forces are being deployed to tighten security on the day of counting and after that there will be serious consequences. Due to suspicions that they are trying to create chaos in the counting centers also, full security arrangements are being made inside. jai Bharat National party President VV Lakshminarayana has expressed critical doubts in this regard. He suspects that candidates of some parties are trying to create ruckus by sending counting agents on behalf of independent candidates.

VV Lakshminarayana  on X that he came to know that the major political parties in Andhra Pradesh... are trying to make an agreement with the independent candidates who stood in the elections and send them as counting agents to the counting centers on their behalf. He said that there is a danger of leading to tension in the counting halls. JD Lakshminarayana asked the ec to take a notarized affidavit from everyone to check the details of the counting agents very carefully.

Intelligence sources have already received information that some candidates are likely to clash if the election results are not in their favour. At the same time, there is intense pressure on many returning officers from Rayalaseema. Many are demanding that IAS officers be appointed as returning officers to give them leave. It seems that one or two have already gone on vacation. Most of the officials are thinking that it is not a small matter to withstand this counting pressure.

EC has already taken key decisions regarding counting agents. Those with criminal records are unlikely to be allowed. VV Lakshminarayana is contesting from Visakhapatnam on behalf of jai Bharat National Party. Several candidates filed nominations elsewhere on behalf of his party.

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