MLC by-elections begin in Telangana…

Another election polling has started in Telangana. Polling for the Horethi MLC by-election in the assembly level campaign started at 8 am. The by-election for the post of graduate MLC in khammam, nalgonda and warangal districts has been taken seriously by all the parties. All the key leaders came and campaigned in this election. That's why the assembly elections are buzzing in the respective districts even though they are by-elections in name only.

52 candidates are contesting in the by-election round for the MLC post of graduates. Theenmar Mallanna from Congress, Gujjala Premender reddy from bjp and Rakesh reddy from BRS are contesting. Along with them, all those who oppose the policies of the existing political parties are also standing in the ring independently. The election commission has set up 605 polling stations in three joint districts for them. The MLC by-election polling in telangana which started at 8 o'clock will continue till 4 o'clock in the evening. Officials have imposed Section 144 in the three joint districts where polling is taking place. This decision has been taken to prevent the clashes that are happening during the election time in the recent past. These restrictions will be in place till 8 pm. The results of this by-election will be released on june 5.

4 lakh 63 thousand 839 graduate voters will exercise their right to vote in khammam nalgonda warangal combined districts. ec has made armed arrangements for the voters at the polling centers without any such difficulties. Flexi and posters have been set up at the polling centers to show the graduates how to exercise their right to vote. A special pen is made available for the voters to exercise their right to vote at the polling stations. Officials are instructing the polling centers to number only one or two priority votes with the pen installed in the polling centers instead of using their own pens.

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